April 24 - May 17, 2014


Review for Michael Powell's (sic) by Sarah Hermes Griesbach for St. Louis Public Radio:



"If one were to orbit the earth at such a rate and direction, so as to be moving at the same speed as the earth, and counter clockwise to it as it rotates, then a simple paradox develops. The satellite performer would experience each day just like everyone else--24 hours passing in a continuous cycle. However, the cosmonaut's position would remain fixed in relation to the Sun. Situated, say, at daybreak, the performer would experience a continuous sunsrise for the entire duration of orbit. Moving against the current, the affect is that the cosmic swimmer appears stilled, locked in relation to the Sun while the Earth rotates below. It would be a slippage between two states, a dalience with the past and the present, a coelescing such that, like the Gods of old, we would be both inside and outside of Time."

- statement from the artist